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Location: Washington, DC

FEEA is the only non-profit organization devoted to education and emergency assistance for the civilian federal workforce. In its 35-year history, FEEA has helped federal employees and their families by awarding more than $10M in scholarship funds to more than 8,000 students, giving more than $8M in no-interest loans and grants, and developing a childcare subsidy program that fills a significant gap in federal benefits.
FEEA inspires deep support among federal employees who know of its work and who report that its presence is both critical and comforting. But the organization has an opportunity to broaden its visibility both within the federal government and outside of it. As part of a planned succession process, the Board of Directors is seeking an Executive Director who can build on FEEA’s strengths and lead the organization to its next level. The new Executive Director will have the opportunity to revitalize resources and impact, ensuring FEEA maximizes its opportunities to support the federal workforce of the 21st century and by extension the nation that it serves.

Location: Orchard Park, NY

Most people hear of Krabbe leukodystrophy when their infant children are unexpectedly diagnosed with the devastating disorder. Until recently, the next thing parents heard was a dire prediction: their children would not live to see their second birthdays, and in the midst of the intense suffering they would go through during that period, the medical profession could offer little more than efforts to make them a little more comfortable.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly and his wife Jill received this news in 1997. Their afflicted son, Hunter, lived with determination, grace, bravery, and joy for more than 8 years before going to Heaven. Through his experience, the Kellys were touched by God with a spark of hope that the foundation seeks to bring to the many children and families who face leukodystrophy diagnoses.
Driven by an appreciation of all children and a thankful heart for their precious gift of life, Hunter’s Hope seeks to address every stage of need for families who have long been advised that resignation was their only option. Through public awareness and newborn screening, family care, and research, the foundation builds a network of policymakers, scientists, doctors, parents, and families that confronts the urgent demand for hope and care.
Hunter’s Hope is seeking a Chief Executive Officer who will work closely with the Board, the Kelly family, and a small, dedicated staff to expand the foundation’s visibility and advance a uniquely comprehensive approach to leukodystrophy that addresses families’ medical, financial, and emotional needs. The CEO will provide integrated leadership for the foundation’s partnerships and programs, fundraising and marketing initiatives, and financial management, with the goal of fostering innovative work across all of these dimensions. The CEO’s leadership will bring hope to children and families undergoing the most trying of tests and will help change the options they have access to during that trial.

Chief Development and External Affairs Officer / JSSA
Location: Rockville, MD

The Nonprofit Community Impact Award, the Best of Home Care Award, the AJFCA Leadership Award, the F. Michael Taff Award from the City of Rockville Human Rights Commission.

These are a few of the awards that JSSA, a one-of-a kind institution dedicated to supporting people of any faith who are struggling in their communities and enabling them to live meaningfully at any stage of their lives.  Working at a scope unparalleled by virtually any other organization, JSSA coordinates and provides a vast range of clinical and social services for all in need, from the youngest child to the most fragile senior. For more than 120 years, JSSA has served more than 30,000 people in the greater Washington region annually. With 227 employees at 4 locations in Rockville and Silver Spring, MD and Fairfax, VA, JSSA continues to develop innovative, evidence-based, and award-winning partnerships and programs that serve the “whole person” seeking assistance rather than just treating symptoms. 

Over the last year, JSSA has restructured its development department to create an integrated marketing, development, and communications program that will act more nimbly to advance the agency’s support networks for those who are struggling. While major health insurance companies recognize and reimburse JSSA’s health and mental health programs, philanthropic giving supports the spirit and scope of its work and ensures its services can be offered to residents who are already taxed by life challenges. Fundraising currently generates approximately $4M of JSSA’s roughly $20M annual revenue. The next Chief Development Officer will take the lead in building the staff and strategies necessary to expand visibility and philanthropic giving and to integrate them into the agency’s new strategic plan and ongoing rebranding.  

Executive Director of the NPR Foundation / NPR
Location: Washington, DC

Across 46 years of innovation, NPR has been one of the most acclaimed and trusted sources of news and insights on life and the arts. A constant advocate for public radio stations and one of the finest sources of public radio programming, NPR is also a multimedia organization that connects to audiences online and in life. NPR’s stations serve 33 million listeners each week, while NPR.org serves 28 million visitors each month. In partnership with 947 member stations, NPR offers an indispensable public service, creating a more informed public that is challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas, and cultures.

Building on its decades-long success and the 2014 hiring of Jarl Mohn as President and CEO, NPR is laying the groundwork for continued strategic expansion of its fundraising relationships and programming. It is seeking a Chief Development Officer and Executive Director of the NPR Foundation who will lead the design and execution of a comprehensive national fundraising program that matches its reputation for innovation and excellence.
The CDO/ED will provide expert direction for the adoption of benchmark best practices and the development of creative strategies that continue to expand NPR’s major donor base and national revenue. The CDO/ED will embody the highest standards of professionalism in developing fundraising systems and executing high-touch frontline fundraising: s/he will serve as an influential member of the executive management team, an effective partner to NPR’s Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors as well as the trustees of the Foundation Board, a mentor and role model for a team of development professionals and support staff, and a lead ambassador to high-level partners and donors. The CDO/ED's work will build partnerships that advance NPR’s and its member stations’ ability to provide high-quality independent content that plays a critical role in the lives of the American public and of people around the world.
Vice President Level Searches

Executive Vice President for Operations / Kids in Need of Defense
Location: Washington, DC

"We're helping deport kids to die."
--Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times, July 16, 2016

The UN Refugee Agency estimates that as many as 60% of children who came to the U.S. unaccompanied in the summer of 2015 may have qualified for refugee status.

But the claims of these children fleeing gang violence and sexual abuse often get tangled in volatile political debates about immigration, economics, and border security, leaving their legal rights vulnerable. And 50% of those children are left to defend those rights for themselves: without legal representation, they are asked to stand before a judge in a foreign country and to explain in a minute or less how they face persecution and why it should grant them relief from deportation.

Kids in Need of Defense is dedicated to providing pro bono legal representation and positive systemic changes in both law and policy to benefit children who enter the U.S. immigration system alone. KIND has grown tremendously since its creation in 2008. It has more than doubled the size of its legal staff, opened 2 new offices, and in 2015 became one of the largest partners receiving Dept. of Health and Human Services funding. KIND is seeking an Executive Vice President of Operations to develop proactive systems to manage and encourage this growth.

Reporting to the President and serving as an integral member of the senior management team,  the EVP will develop systems and processes in compliance, finance, human resources, and information technology in order to continue guaranteeing effective service delivery in an organization that focuses on both the children it serves and its growing network of private sector partners.

Vice President, Individual Giving / National Recreation and Park Association
Location: Ashburn, VA

There is one kind of place in the U.S. where every person is welcome, where membership, ability to pay, personal appearance, age, and gender do not matter. Peer-reviewed research shows that these places promote a wide array of public goods: they promote healthy living, improve children’s grades in elementary school, contribute to environmental sustainability, and more.
There are 100,000 of these places across the U.S. used by millions of people each year.
They are the nation’s public parks.
The National Recreation and Park Association is a 50,000-member organization of park professionals, volunteers, and citizens partnering to maintain and improve public parks as an overlooked backbone of contemporary communities—spaces that provide green oases among concrete and glass; that offer healthy walks, bike trails, playgrounds, and athletic fields away from buzzing highways; and that act as great equalizers that connect us with both the outdoors and with each other. NRPA fosters research-based, innovative investment in parks as spaces of conservation, health and wellness, and social equity.
NRPA has been recognized on the Washington Post’s list of Top Work Places in both 2014 and 2015. The association’s employees report engagement levels that are 26% higher than those of non-profits across the country. In addition to engaging its staff at work, NRPA is also committed to offering a host of benefits designed to promote a healthy work-life balance.
NRPA is seeking a Vice President of Individual Giving to develop and execute the strategic direction for the individual fundraising that advances the association’s mission. The VP’s primary responsibilities are to lead an ambitious year-round individual giving program that initiates and fosters relationships with high-net- worth individuals, aggressively expand a major gifts program, foster an emerging planned giving program, and build a high-caliber staff that can carry out all elements of the individual giving program. NRPA has established ambitious goals in its current 3-year strategic plan, which will cost a total of $28M to carry out. The VP of Individual Giving will play a critical role in generating the revenue to execute this plan and improve the lives of millions across the country.

Vice President of Development / Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon
Location: Washington, DC

This is a story about women—women in the developing world who are dying from cervical and breast cancer because they can’t access proper care. Women are the center of families and communities around the world. In emerging economies, women in particular are driving growth in their communities as entrepreneurs, as small farmers, and as emerging professionals. But without access to basic, low-cost health care services, these women are at risk of death from preventable and treatable cancers.
There’s a way for you to help. Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon, a Washington, DC-based NGO, is building a future in which no woman is denied opportunity because she cannot access preventative care and treatment for cancer. Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon is seeking its first Vice President of Development to build a robust and holistic fundraising program that grows revenue streams, supports and expands capacity, and advances the cause of saving women’s lives.
Created 5 years ago by President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush, and affiliated today with the George W. Bush Institute, Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon leads coordinated action to prevent and treat women’s cancers, enabling them and their communities to thrive.The approach is unique. By building upon existing health platforms, infrastructure and resources, Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon is able to bring cervical cancer prevention, screenings and treatment, breast cancer education, and access to HPV vaccinations to women like never before.  It’s sustainable. It’s cost-effective. And it’s working. Since its inception in 2011, Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon has screened more than 200,000 women for cervical and breast cancer and vaccinated over 40,000 girls against HPV.
Reporting to the CEO, Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon’s Vice President will guide and leverage a high-level Board, Chief Executive, and government and private partners to establish a strong and active development network that supports capital campaigns and annual fundraising efforts. S/he will provide independent leadership to execute fundraising strategies and forge sophisticated partnerships that leverage existing stakeholders and resources while advancing the organization’s goal of expanding and diversifying its networks and donor base.

Vice President, Sponsorship and Major Accounts / Urban Land Institute 

Location: New York, NY

The Urban Land Institute makes the world a better place by providing leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. ULI is an independent global non-profit whose 38,000 members represent the entire spectrum of real estate development and land use professionals working in both private enterprise and public service. Through the strength of its membership, ULI has been able to set global standards of excellence in land development practices. It has long been recognized as one of the world’s most respected and widely quoted sources of reliable information on urban planning and growth.
ULI’s corporate engagement program continues to evolve to support the organization’s growth. With more than 400 event sponsors and more than 50 longer-term partners, the program raises funds from major corporations—such as Bank of America, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and Wells Fargo—to advance a broad range of ULI initiatives, from national conferences and competitive scholarships to local urban planning and professional development opportunities. ULI’s fundraising team plans an expansion of corporate initiatives to support additional strategic priorities. One designated growth area is funding support for the wide range of content that ULI is known for around the world.

ULI is seeking a Vice President for Sponsorship and Major Accounts who will contribute to the retention of existing sponsorships and accounts and will play a critical role in building new revenue streams to advance advance ULI’s mission of building healthy, sustainable communities.


Director Level Searches

Location: Corning, NY

Corning Museum of Glass is a center for the exploration of glass as a material, a nexus for artists experimenting and innovating with glass, and the premier place to study the history of glass.
            Dr. Karol Wight, President and Executive Director, Corning Museum of Glass

The Corning Museum of Glass is home to the world’s most important glass collection, featuring the finest examples of glassmaking from 35 centuries of human history.  The Museum’s recently opened 100,000-square-foot Contemporary Art + Design Wing includes both a 26,000-square-foot art gallery and the 500-seat Amphitheater Hot Shop, a patent-winning, state-of-the-art facility for glassblowing demonstrations and live glass design sessions. In 2015, the Museum attracted 460,000 visitors, making it the 34th most visited museum in the U.S. It boasts a $61 million operating budget.
The Corning Museum of Glass seeks a Director of Advancement who will build a world-class development department befitting its world-class museum. Founded by Corning Incorporated, CMoG continues to enjoy the company’s extensive financial support, creating enviable resources to leverage in a comprehensive fundraising program. The Museum has not only reached record attendance levels among an international visitorship, but has also earned attention and acclaim in major national media venues across the U.S. CMoG’s Executive Team and Board have developed a strategic plan to continue its growth in key directions that the Director will play a critical role in prioritizing and shaping. Leaders and program staff alike are eager to welcome the new Director of Advancement to an institution where employee satisfaction is as high a priority as the pursuit of excellence.
Location: Washington, DC

You scroll through reams of data about potential clients during business meetings.
You send a private message to your doctor and have medical advice delivered to you in hours.
You have regular access to a checking and savings account.
Paving a path to security and success requires hundreds of complex tools in the modern world. Yet those tools are simply inaccessible to millions of people around the world who are working hardest to escape from poverty.
Grameen Foundation helps the world’s poorest people reach their full potential, connecting their determination and skills with the resources they need to build resilient, prosperous lives.
Founded in 1997, Grameen Foundation provides access to sustainable, innovative solutions that deliver financial, agricultural, and health information and services to people in the world’s poorest regions. Its assistance addresses the specific needs of poor households and communities to achieve wide-scale impact. It gives the working poor access to savings accounts, payment methods, and insurance; gives smallholder farmers access to large-scale buyers; and gives pregnant women and mothers access to trained healthcare workers.
Grameen Foundation’s goal is “to reach at least 25 million poor people by 2025 with innovations that measurably improve their lives.”
To reach this goal, Grameen Foundation is seeking a Senior Director of Fundraising and External Affairs who will develop the messaging to market its programs within a comprehensive individual donor fundraising program, increasing the donor base, giving levels, and revenue. Reporting to the Executive Vice President for Strategy, Integration, and External Affairs, the Senior Director of Fundraising and External Affairs will lead a small team with responsibility for individual donor fundraising, social engagement and marketing, the volunteer program Bankers without Borders®, and Board and internal communications.
Location: Danbury, CT

Millions of people worldwide are participants in a unique effort to inspire, encourage, and uplift others at all stages of life. The organization that brings them together is seeking a Director of Philanthropy to help marshal this network into a powerful fundraising program that advances its reach and impact.
Guideposts, founded by Norman Vincent Peale in 1945, is a comprehensive publishing ministry that touches millions of lives every day. Its flagship magazines—Guideposts, Angels on Earth, and Mysterious Ways—reach more than 7 million people. Guideposts’ book imprints complement these offerings with inspiring entertainment through faith-based mysteries, historical fiction, non-fiction, and best-selling devotionals. Readers who experience the positive impact of faith, hope, and prayer share that impact with each other through a prayer ministry of more than 3,500 volunteers in 75 countries.
To support the growth of its network, Guideposts is seeking a Director of Philanthropy to serve as a key partner to the Senior Vice President of Philanthropy, helping to guide the development department through a transition that increases Guideposts’ philanthropic funding.

Senior Director of Development / National Council on Aging
Location: Arlington, VA

Know someone who still swims laps in his 70s? Someone who lost retirement money in the Great Recession? Want to work for the very first non-profit in the U.S. dedicated to protecting both of them--and all of us as we live longer and longer lives?

NCOA is a respected leader and trusted partner helping people aged 60+ to meet the challenges of aging. Founded in 1950, it has worked for 65 years to identify critical issues facing older adults and to assemble coalitions of non-profits, government, and business to address them through collaborative leadership, innovative services, advocacy, and social enterprise. Today NCOA is working toward its social impact goal to significantly improve the health and economic security of 10,000,000 older adults by 2020. NCOA is seeking a Director of Development who will expand its fundraising program to support this crucial social mission.
The Director will find many advantages at NCOA. The organization has historically won extensive government grants and project-specific funding, creating room for the Director to experiment as s/he gradually creates an organization-wide philanthropic program that supports NCOA as an institution. S/he will have rich projects to market—including the Aging Mastery Program®, an innovative 10‐week program that empowers older adults to make the most of their gift of longevity. And s/he will have the chance to partner with a diverse group of researchers and subject matter experts who have played a key role in developing both government and broader institutional relationships. The Director will serve as a strategist and guide to NCOA leaders and staff, helping to leverage its existing fundraising to greater effect and to advance the movement for long lives full of health, independence, and security.
Location: West Coast, U.S.

With 45 minutes and $240, Operation Smile changes children's lives. That's the amount of time and money it can take to repair a cleft lip or palate, a facial deformity that causes malnourishment, speech impediment, and social ostracism.

Most organizations would be satisfied repairing that damage alone, but Operation Smile goes further. It has turned its hundreds of medical missions around the world into the backbone for a set of programs that engage student leaders as mission volunteers, use missions to provide medical training to local doctors and nurses, and advocate for a right to safe, well-timed surgery around the world.

Operation Smile is seeking a Development Director who can engage new sources of support for this mission. The Development Director will galvanize Operation Smile's loosely distributed supporters on the West Coast of the U.S. into an organized network of major donors. The ideal Director will be someone who has encountered Operation Smile before, someone who will be able to tell a compelling story to prospects about what fuel his or her passion for the mission. S/he will bring strong fundraising, relationship-building, and story-telling skills to the job, although s/he'll have plenty of institutional support from Operation Smile: in prospect research, stewardship, and an existing portfolio of prospects.

Director of Major Gifts / WonderWork
Location: New York, NY

What good are medical cures if we don’t use them?
This question drives WonderWork, a 5-year old non-profit that has already delivered more than 134,000 miracle surgeries for children and adults living in some of the poorest countries in the world.
Millions suffer from debilitating conditions that modern medicine can cure for as little as $250, but are separated from those cures by extreme poverty. Unable to see and walk in the demanding conditions of the developing world, they do not complete an education and remain cut off from work and social life.
WonderWork—named by TIME Magazine as one of “10 Ideas That Will Change The World”—equips and trains local medical personnel to deliver surgeries that restore sight, cure crippling foot deformities, and repair severe burns, giving children and adults a second chance at life. The poor but proud communities whose members carry out these medical miracles achieve new dimensions of self-sufficiency with each success.
DRi is leading the search for a Director of Major Gifts to become part of a small, but effective, team of professionals advancing this important mission.
Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer and working closely with the CEO, the Director will serve as an exceptional strategist and relationship builder who can create and execute processes to build a principal gifts portfolio from the ground up. S/he will leverage a robust direct mail list to qualify, cultivate, solicit, and steward individuals and family foundations, and will design funding vehicles to secure their investments in WonderWork’s ambitious effort to ensure that no person spends a lifetime suffering from a curable disease.

Professional Level Searches

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President and CEO / Greater Public

Director of Development / Lutheran Immigration and Relief Services


DRi Searches

Since 2001, DRi has provided services to help non-profits located across the country and around the world to thrive, excel, and grow. We are founded on the belief that non-profits make the world a significantly better place, and that the work they do every day is too important to forego the resources they need to fulfill their missions. We offer executive search, fundraising consulting, and strategic planning services to support a roster of non-profit clients that includes such renowned organizations as Habitat for Humanity, the NAACP, the National Gallery of Art, and the Wildlife Conservation Society. DRi’s executive search practice helps non-profits design effective staff structures and identify and recruit outstanding leaders who will help make the world a better place.

Executive Assistant
DRhas an opportunity for up to two exceptionally organized people who thrive in a fast-paced work environment to serve as Executive Assistants to DRi's senior leadership. Our Executive Assistants play a critical role in managing the logistics of all of DRi’s engagements with non-profit organizations. They serve as one of the firm's major points of contact for both clients and executive search candidates, coordinating through these contacts a complex series of client and internal team meetings, stakeholder calls, job interviews, and document preparation. By applying exceptional organizational skills, professional and timely communication, and a methodical approach to problem-solving, the Executive Assistants help guarantee positive outcomes in specific assignments while cultivating long-term relationships that are essential to DRi’s ability to support the non-profit sector.

For the right person, this position is a unique opportunity to develop critical career skills, including the ability to:

  1. Be a confident representative to high-level leaders and staff, including CEOs, Executive Directors, and Vice Presidents.
  2. Make wise judgments in a fast-paced business environment.
  3. Orchestrate long-term processes that require the input and coordination of people in various roles from multiple organizations.
  4. Handle confidential information with impeccable sensitivity and discretion.
  5. Foster effective working relationships with people of different temperaments and needs.