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Executive Level Searches
Chief Executive Officer / AAUW
Location: Washington, DC

How can we build a non-partisan consensus for issues like equal pay for men and women in a country as deeply polarized as the contemporary United States?
AAUW, a gender equity advocacy organization headquartered in Washington, DC, is marshaling its diverse grassroots coalition and its resources as the nation’s leading voice for women and girls in order to achieve equal pay and attain gender equity at the local and national levels.
Founded in 1881 to help women gain access to a college education, AAUW has grown into a powerful grassroots network with more than 170,000 members and supporters, 1,000 local branches, and more than 800 college and university partners. Across this broad and lively network, AAUW conducts award-winning research on the most critical gender equity challenges; conducts thousands of Congressional visits to advocate for the Violence Against Women Act, the Paycheck Fairness Act, and other significant national policies; pioneers programs that help women break entrenched barriers to STEM career paths and to equal pay in any career; and provides nearly $4M in funding for graduate education for women each year.

Always a pioneering organization, AAUW is pursuing a leadership transition designed to steer the organization in new directions as its membership demographics and the public policy challenges it confronts continue to evolve. AAUW seeks a new CEO to lead the organization in the innovative and dynamic support of its mission.

Executive Director of the Center for Legal Education Excellence / Access Group
Location: Washington, DC

As the cost of graduate education in the United States more than doubled in the 1990s and 2000s, one financial services organization pioneered loans that helped save law students hundreds of millions of dollars. Today, that organization has re-invested its loan revenue in an integrated set of projects and programs designed to directly increase the accessibility, affordability, and value of legal education.

To advance its work, Access Group is seeking an entrepreneurial individual to become the Executive Director of its new Center for Legal Education Excellence and to serve as a Vice President for Access Group. The Executive Director will be a key figure in Access Group’s mission, building a Center with three divisions devoted to three strategic priorities: the Research and Data Division, the Policy Analysis and Advocacy Division, and the Program for Diversity and Student Success. Reporting to Access Group’s President and CEO and serving on the organization’s senior leadership team, the Executive Director will lead a talented staff of 3 Director-level reports and build external partnerships to advance Access Group's goals.
Location: Washington, DC

The American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) has promoted the study of Egypt’s cultural history by thousands of Americans over the last 66 years. With the support of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and in close collaboration with Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities (MOA), over 75 projects of monument conservation and specialized training have been completed and over 750 Egyptian archaeologists and conservators have been trained in preserving Egyptian culture. ARCE is accepting applications for an Executive Director to be based in Washington, D.C.
ARCE is looking for a senior leader who understands the importance of preserving the cultural heritage of and advancing research into one of the world’s oldest civilizations. The Executive Director will provide vision and steady leadership to increase public awareness of and financial support for ARCE’s mission. The Executive Director will work closely with a U.S.-based Board of Governors and an Egypt-based Cairo Director to steer ARCE to be the leading global force in facilitating research and collaborative partnerships in Egypt. S/he will take responsibility for ARCE’s strategic, programmatic, financial, and development operations, ensuring that the organization achieves the goals of its Strategic Plan in a fiscally responsible manner. Under the ED’s leadership, ARCE will expand its potential for U.S. growth through direct cultivation of regional U.S. chapters, research-supporting members, individual members, and donors.

President and CEO / Greater Public
Location: Flexible

For more than 40 years, Greater Public has been one of the most highly respected curators, conveners, and trainers for the development and marketing strategies of local public media organizations. With more than 250 member stations across the country, Greater Public has offered its members an innovative array of tools, training, and collaboration and networking opportunities that support high-quality media as a public good. Its services include the signature Public Media Development and Marketing Conference, the largest annual public media gathering in the country.

Today, Greater Public is seeking a President and CEO who will lead the organization to move decisively to maintain its role as a pioneer and a nerve center during a time of great industry-wide change, including the introduction of new federal regulation of the public airwaves, the development of new media technologies, and significant shifts in demographic media usage patterns.

Greater Public's President/CEO will set a Board-endorsed vision that competitively positions the organization in an evolving public media system and demonstrably bolsters that system’s finances for long-term success. Under the President/CEO's leadership, Greater Public will develop a 21st-century business model aligned with the most critical needs of 21st-century public media organizations and will adopt operational systems that most smoothly and efficiently deliver its vision and mission.

Chief Executive Officer / Hunter's Hope
Location: Orchard Park, NY

Most people hear of Krabbe leukodystrophy when their infant children are unexpectedly diagnosed with the devastating disorder. Until recently, the next thing parents heard was a dire prediction: their children would not live to see their second birthdays, and in the midst of the intense suffering they would go through during that period, the medical profession could offer little more than efforts to make them a little more comfortable.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly and his wife Jill received this news in 1997. Their afflicted son, Hunter, lived with determination, grace, bravery, and joy for more than 8 years before going to Heaven. Through his experience, the Kellys were touched by God with a spark of hope that the foundation seeks to bring to the many children and families who face leukodystrophy diagnoses. Driven by an appreciation of all children and a thankful heart for their precious gift of life, Hunter’s Hope seeks to address every stage of need for families who have long been advised that resignation was their only option. Hunter’s Hope is seeking a Chief Executive Officer who will work closely with the Board, the Kelly family, and a small, dedicated staff to expand the foundation’s visibility and advance a uniquely comprehensive approach to leukodystrophy that addresses families’ medical, financial, and emotional needs.

Chief Development and External Affairs Officer / JSSA
Location: Rockville, MD

The Nonprofit Community Impact Award, the Best of Home Care Award, the AJFCA Leadership Award, the F. Michael Taff Award from the City of Rockville Human Rights Commission. 

These are a few of the awards that JSSA, a one-of-a kind institution dedicated to supporting people of any faith who are struggling in their communities and enabling them to live meaningfully at any stage of their lives.  Working at a scope unparalleled by virtually any other organization, JSSA coordinates and provides a vast range of clinical and social services for all in need, from the youngest child to the most fragile senior. For more than 120 years, JSSA has served more than 30,000 people in the greater Washington region annually. With 227 employees at 4 locations in Rockville and Silver Spring, MD and Fairfax, VA, JSSA continues to develop innovative, evidence-based, and award-winning partnerships and programs that serve the “whole person” seeking assistance rather than just treating symptoms. 

Over the last year, JSSA has restructured its development department to create an integrated marketing, development, and communications program that will act more nimbly to advance the agency’s support networks for those who are struggling. While major health insurance companies recognize and reimburse JSSA’s health and mental health programs, philanthropic giving supports the spirit and scope of its work and ensures its services can be offered to residents who are already taxed by life challenges. Fundraising currently generates approximately $4M of JSSA’s roughly $20M annual revenue. The next Chief Development Officer will take the lead in building the staff and strategies necessary to expand visibility and philanthropic giving and to integrate them into the agency’s new strategic plan and ongoing rebranding.
Executive Director / National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association
Location: Washington, DC
The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) is a 501(c)(5) non-profit membership organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing the earned pay, retirement, and health care benefits of federal employees, retirees, and their survivors. Acting as both the legislative voice and information resource for the federal community, NARFE has provided civil servants and their families tireless advocacy and trusted advice for more than 95 years.
Over the last 2 years, NARFE’s leaders and national members have made bold organizational changes to foster growth among a new generation of federal employees and retirees, sustain its legislative accomplishments, and enhance member benefits. The heart of NARFE’s new Strategic Plan is the hiring of an Executive Director who will implement non-profit best practices that effectively manage NARFE’s resources and align them with the mission-critical goal of expanding its membership and revenue.

Vice President Level Searches
Founded just 2 years ago, the Corporate Development program at AAUW grew quickly to raise $1M in 2015 through innovative partnerships with organizations such as Symantec, Green Works, and Pantene. This new avenue of support helped advance and create create exciting programs. In 2015, AAUW awarded $3.7 million to support 241 scholars, researchers, and community-based projects focused on women and girls. AAUW staff conducted 1,200 Congressional visits to advocate for the Violence Against Women Act, Paycheck Fairness Act, and other significant national policies. It developed the Start Smart program, which teaches college-age women how to negotiate a strong first salary.

To advance its mission, AAUW is seeking a Vice President of Corporate Development who will continue to build its corporate support. The VP will work toward the goals of expanding AAUW's cause marketing initiatives, identifying new major donor funding opportunities, and maximizing revenue from both corporate and foundation sources. Reporting directly to the AAUW’s Chief Strategy Officer, s/he will oversee all activities of a 3-person staff that includes a Manager of Corporate Development, the Development Associate, and part-time interns. The Vice President will set the strategy for prospecting, soliciting, closing, and stewarding all major corporate donors and sponsors as well as foundation grants.
Vice President for the Legacy Campaign / BBYO Inc.
Location Flexible: Washington, DC; NY; or FL

Since its independence from B’nai B’rith in 2002, BBYO has established itself as one of the Jewish community’s premier platforms for reaching and inspiring Jewish teens. Its track record of success, scalable programs, and strong business practices recently led to unprecedented gifts totaling $30M to kick off a $90M capital campaign. BBYO is seeking a Vice President to lead that campaign over the next 5 years.

Reporting to the CEO and serving on BBYO’s senior leadership team, the Vice President for the Legacy Campaign will be the driving force behind the design and execution of BBYO’s comprehensive, multi-year endowment campaign. S/he will be responsible for developing a campaign structure to build and deepen long-term relationships with prospects and donors that will lay the groundwork for large-scale growth at BBYO over the next 5 years. The Vice President will play the lead role in all aspects of the campaign, from the construction of a prospect list and the creation of sophisticated strategies for cultivating and soliciting donors to the orchestration of volunteer, executive, and staff participation.

Executive Vice President for Operations / Kids in Need of Defense
Location: Washington, DC

"We're helping deport kids to die."
--Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times, July 16, 2016

The UN Refugee Agency estimates that as many as 60% of children who came to the U.S. unaccompanied in the summer of 2015 may have qualified for refugee status. But the claims of these children fleeing gang violence and sexual abuse often get tangled in volatile political debates about immigration, economics, and border security, leaving their legal rights vulnerable. And 50% of those children are left to defend those rights for themselves, without legal representation.

Kids in Need of Defense is dedicated to providing pro bono legal representation and positive systemic changes in both law and policy to benefit children who enter the U.S. immigration system alone. KIND has grown tremendously since its creation in 2008. It has more than doubled the size of its legal staff, opened 2 new offices, and in 2015 became one of the largest partners receiving Dept. of Health and Human Services funding. KIND is seeking an Executive Vice President of Operations to develop proactive systems to manage and encourage this growth.
Assistant Head of School for Development / St. Patrick's Episcopal Day School
Location: Washington, DC

St. Patrick's Episcopal Day School strives to create a diverse learning community of students, teachers, and parents who recognize the infinite value of every participant as a child of God. Founded in 1956 as a nursery school in the basement of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, St. Patrick’s is today a thriving parish day school with more than 500 students enrolled in Nursery through Grade 8 on two Washington, D.C. campuses. 

St. Patrick’s 2016 Strategic Plan set out four initiatives designed to preserve and enhance the Day School’s status as one of the preeminent independent day schools in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. St. Patrick’s has already made significant progress toward its goals of establishing a full-sized middle school, creating a more diverse community, continuing to develop and deliver superb educational experiences, and exploring new business models that reduce the tuition burden on parents. Today, St. Patrick’s seeks an Assistant Head of School for Development who will capitalize on this progress to build a program that supports the unfettered pursuit of its vision.


Director Level Searches

Location: Danbury, CT

Millions of people worldwide are participants in a unique effort to inspire, encourage, and uplift others at all stages of life. The organization that brings them together is seeking a Director of Philanthropy to help marshal this network into a powerful fundraising program that advances its reach and impact.
Guideposts, founded by Norman Vincent Peale in 1945, is a comprehensive publishing ministry that touches millions of lives every day. Its flagship magazines—Guideposts, Angels on Earth, and Mysterious Ways—reach more than 7 million people. Guideposts’ book imprints complement these offerings with inspiring entertainment through faith-based mysteries, historical fiction, non-fiction, and best-selling devotionals. Readers who experience the positive impact of faith, hope, and prayer share that impact with each other through a prayer ministry of more than 3,500 volunteers in 75 countries.
To support the growth of its network, Guideposts is seeking a Director of Philanthropy to serve as a key partner to the Senior Vice President of Philanthropy, helping to guide the development department through a transition that increases Guideposts’ philanthropic funding.

Director for Development / Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services
Location: Baltimore, MD

In the world’s largest global refugee crisis, 60 million people were displaced by deportation, forced resettlement, and flight from occupying armies during World War II. In the United States, a small group of people in the New York headquarters of the National Lutheran Council responded by establishing a Welfare Department with an office for the rehabilitation and placement of Lutheran refugees. 
The Lutheran values of compassionate welcome and the interdependence of all people has sustained that work for the last 7 decades, but today it is put in service of migrants and refugees of all faiths and origins. Since 1939, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service has worked for a world in which migrants and refugees are protected, embraced, and empowered in just and welcoming communities.

As the number of refugees has increased, LIRS has pursued deliberate growth to meet their needs and is seeking a Director for Development who will build on that growth. Reporting to the VP for Development, Outreach, and Communications, the Director will foster a culture of philanthropy throughout the organization, ensuring that systems and procedures support fundraising, grant-writing, and overall development initiatives.

Location: Midwest (Chicago or Denver)

With 45 minutes and $240, Operation Smile changes children's lives. That's the amount of time and money it can take to repair a cleft lip or palate, a facial deformity that causes malnourishment, speech impediment, and social ostracism.

Most organizations would be satisfied repairing that damage alone, but Operation Smile goes further. It has turned its hundreds of medical missions around the world into the backbone for a set of programs that engage student leaders as mission volunteers, use missions to provide medical training to local doctors and nurses, and advocate for a right to safe, well-timed surgery around the world.

Operation Smile is seeking a Development Director who can engage new sources of support for this mission. The Development Director will galvanize Operation Smile's loosely distributed supporters on the West Coast of the U.S. into an organized network of major donors. The ideal Director will be someone who has encountered Operation Smile before, someone who will be able to tell a compelling story to prospects about what fuel his or her passion for the mission. S/he will bring strong fundraising, relationship-building, and story-telling skills to the job, although s/he'll have plenty of institutional support from Operation Smile: in prospect research, stewardship, and an existing portfolio of prospects.
Location: Washington, DC
Safe Kids Worldwide is a national network of more than 400 partners dedicated to the proposition that no family should suffer the loss of a child from an accident that is both predictable and preventable.

Accidental injuries are the number one killer of kids in the United States. Most often, they can be avoided with the right education, awareness, and planning. Since its founding, Safe Kids has helped achieve a 60% decrease in the unintentional injury rate among children ages 19 years and younger.  A partner to some of the most recognized names in corporate America, Safe Kids has won numerous awards for its work, including a Golden Halo Award, more than half a dozen Telly Awards, and the Prince Michael of Kent International Road Safety Award, among others. But there is still more work to do, as 1 million kids die of preventable injuries each year. 

Today Safe Kids seeks to build on its recognized success by expanding its corporate partnership program and by building an increasingly comprehensive development program that reaches beyond this traditional base of supporters. Safe Kids' CEO is deeply committed to an expansion of fundraising, and the organization seeks a Director of Development and Corporate Partnerships who will work in partnership with the Chief Development Officer to make that expansion a reality. The Director will be responsible for cultivating, soliciting, and stewarding a portfolio of existing corporate partners; strategically expanding opportunities for corporate giving; and taking increasing responsibility for building relationships with foundations and individuals, as well.
Director of Major Gifts / WonderWork
Location: New York, NY

What good are medical cures if we don’t use them? This question drives WonderWork, a 5-year old non-profit that has already delivered more than 134,000 miracle surgeries for children and adults living in some of the poorest countries in the world.
Named by TIME Magazine as one of “10 Ideas That Will Change The World," WonderWork equips and trains local medical personnel to deliver surgeries that restore sight, cure crippling foot deformities, and repair severe burns, giving children and adults a second chance at life. The poor but proud communities whose members carry out these medical miracles achieve new dimensions of self-sufficiency with each success.
DRi is leading the search for a Director of Major Gifts to become part of a small, but effective, team of professionals advancing this important mission. Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer and working closely with the CEO, the Director will serve as an exceptional strategist and relationship builder who can create and execute processes to build a principal gifts portfolio from the ground up. S/he will leverage a robust direct mail list to qualify, cultivate, solicit, and steward individuals and family foundations, and will design funding vehicles to secure their investments in WonderWork’s ambitious effort to ensure that no person spends a lifetime suffering from a curable disease.

Multiple positions / Year Up

More than 6 million talented and motivated young adults in the U.S. are disconnected from stable career pathways. At the same time, U.S. companies have jobs available, but more than 12 million of them will go unfilled in the next decade. Year Up seeks to close this Opportunity Divide by providing urban young adults with the skills, experience, and support that will empower them to reach their potential through professional careers and higher education. Year Up runs intensive 1-year programs that offer professional skill development, college credits, staff support, and mentorship. 85% of graduates are employed or attending college full-time within 4 months of completing the program.
Director of Development

The Director of Development will set annual goals, pursue creative and efficient pipeline management strategies, and build and coach a small development team in order to expand the overall fundraising program and increase contributed revenue from all constituencies. Reporting to the Executive Director and serving as a member of Year Up National Capital Region’s senior leadership team, the Director will effectively collaborate with and leverage senior leaders and other Year Up resources in the process of attracting and engaging new donors.
Senior Director of Philanthropy
Reporting to the National Director of Development and to the Executive Director of the National Capital Region, the Senior Director will generate new fundraising prospects, deepen the engagement of existing donors, and work with Year Up’s national and local leaders and volunteers to cultivate and steward significant donor relationships.

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Vice President of Communications / American Academy of Physician Assistants

Chief Development Officer / Ivymount Corporation

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